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To use ones meatwand to remove the teeth of an unsavory member of society with a hammer like motion.
Corey notices another recruit in the squadbay whos teeth are missing. The all knowing guide informs him that the cause is simple...a recruit tied him down and "matlocked" him with his hoohoo.
by The Truth Does Hurt March 23, 2009
To excrete semen on the face of a "dishonest"" person. Typically this manuever is performed on an unsuspecting and infidelitous partner.
Man, I found out that girl was a complete whore, so I Matlocked all over her mouth.
by broncoweb November 23, 2009
anything that can or will happen that is bad to yourself or what u do.
you might not wanna get matlocked.
by donny matlock August 25, 2007
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