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Matic is opposite of automatic.

When something must be manual done, and there is usually an option of it being done automatically, it is considered Matic.
Did you see that matic paper towel dispenser? Our school obviously can't afford an automatic one.
by Scolor June 17, 2011
4 7
Slang for "automatic gun".
He did a drive bye with his 'matic.
by MadeInChina September 27, 2005
75 41
A word similar to cool.
Yo Jorge, that new kid is so matic, I heard he can spit raps like nothing.
by ACUA September 25, 2010
16 9
Adze, Pick-Ax
Ya need a matic to git thru that hard dirt.
by Bertha July 18, 2003
23 36