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an outburst caused by excitement over math problems.
"aaaaahahhhhahhhhhaaa! BONUS POINT!" said miss hitcho
"she's having a mathgasm again" said student
by Man Chow March 27, 2008
The extreme pleasure derived from solving an extremely difficult, math-related problem. Often accompanied by cries of excitement. Unheard of in areas such as liberal arts, literature, photography, creative writing, sociology, psychology, english, etc.
I've heard people talk about the mathgasm, but I never truly experienced it until I took Calculus.
by UCD dude October 12, 2010
The sound emitted from an excited math teacher upon discovering students have prior knowledge to the topic about to be taught.

Ms. Hitcho had a Mathgasm when we informed her that we had base knowledge on the topic she was about to teach.
"ahhhhuhhh... I love when you kids know these things"

by Pedro de llama December 11, 2007
an orgasm caused by doing to many theoretical math problems.
Last night I was factoring fermat numbers and had a total mathgasm. (google it if you dont know)
by Zane to the dizzub September 10, 2007
That wonderful feeling you get when your didn't understand a math concept, but then suddenly you do. This wave of understanding is oftentimes accompanied by an audible, "oooooooooo".
Teacher: "So you see, the limit of f of x as x goes to 3 is infinity..."
Student: "OOOOoooooooo! I get it now."

Other student: Wow nice mathgasm.
by bientrabajoe September 21, 2010

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