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A mysterious creature who is willing to help with math. A math tutor is like-liked by many. Often seen wearing the "AE" hoodie, great sense of fashion. A math tutor enjoys drawing his legs to him and does not need to use a pillow when sleeping. Very skilled in physics. Always open to kisses. Also widely known as MT.
"The raspberry shit last night was so good"- MT
"You mean that raspberry lemonade?"-Random Slut
"No that definitely had alcohol in it."-MT
"No it did not. You're such a Math Tutor."- Random Slut

"Can I have a shot?"- MT
"Sure but I don't have a chaser."- Hoe 147
"I don't need it. It's 80 proof." MT
Math Tutor takes the shot coughs and eyes water fiercely.
"What is that shit?"- MT
by Sarah Beathands November 12, 2010
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