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A Matespritship is a term in the webcomic Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. It is one of four quadrants in Troll Romances, others being Kismesis, Auspistice, and Moirail.

This is the only type of Troll Romances that resembles Human Romance. It is also one of two that deal with reproduction of Trolls. It is also called the "Flushed Quadrant" and is represented by the Heart: <3

It is entirely based on love and attraction towards the partner, as it is in the Redrom half of Troll Romances.

It is sometimes known to flail between Kismesis and Matesprit, causing a rocky relationship for young Trolls.
Known Matesprit relationships include:

Terezi and Karkat
Feferi and Sollux
Possibly John and Vriska
by VocalMetroid November 03, 2011
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