A short form of Machinae Supremacy (Band)
Woo! I got some new MaSu songs!
by Trust November 26, 2004
Top Definition
'Masu' is a nickname recently being used for professional DJ's, usually with the name 'Thomas' . Masu's are generally very skilled at their work and know exactly how and when to drop the beat. In parties, he leaves everyone amazed, and they all just scream for more music. A Masu is a cool DJ.
Guy 1 : "Who was Djing yesterday at the party yesterday? He was amazing!"
Guy 2 : "That was Masu, isn't he a cool DJ?!"
by Verynajs January 12, 2014
A beautiful person who is intelligent as well as lowkey. A person who is extremely pleasurable and aggressive when engage in sexual intercourse
"All my life I wanted to be a Masu"
by Shegotgame January 06, 2012
a hook up.
They had masu after getting drunk at the party.
by soannonymous October 17, 2009
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