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The tone of voice you unwillingly use on the phone when you're trying to jerk off to the other person's voice or to muted porn (because what he/she is saying is too boring for you to care).
Rich: *Shaky voice* Yeah... Uhuh... Eheheh. Cool.
Alisa: Are masturbating to me?!
Rich: HUH!? No! Why???
Alisa: Because you're using masturbatone... Ew.
by Big Boy Blue March 26, 2010
to tone ones muscles solely through masturbation
that guy is totally masturbatone look at his arms
by guy in da corner February 10, 2011
The muscle tone one gets from masturbating frequently and rigorously.
"Hey, have you seen Gary? Did he start going to the gym over summer?"

"Are you kidding? That's just masturbatone."

"Wow, he must have masturbated a lot these past few months!"

"This is a really awkward conversation for two people to have about another"
by Creative@College March 20, 2010
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