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A person who strongly discourages masturbation.

The anti-masturbation position is often predicated on the belief that masturbation saps sexual energy and/or is shameful.

People who argue against masturbation describe it as an addiction harmful to spiritual and bodily health that over time erodes self-control, frustrates romantic relationships, and corrupts morals.
SITUATION - Wife discovers husband masturbating

Wife: "What are you doing!?"
Husband: "Nothing."
Wife: "Great, now you won't be 'up' for having sex tonight."
Husband: "Sorry, I was horny..."
Wife: "Don't you have any self-control!?"
Husband: mumbling
Wife: "What was that?"
Husband: "Nothing, I was just saying that sometimes I'd rather jerk off... It's easier and kinda feels better."
Wife: "You're going to Hell, ya know."
Husband: "Come on, stop being such a mastuhater!"
by ORAmojo October 31, 2010
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