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(n) 1. The act of deriving sensuous pleasure from doing AP Government & Politics and AP Microeconomics homework while erotically stimulating bodily members, e.g. a phallus, and achieved by manual or other fleshly contact exclusive of copulation, followed by a sudden oozing 2. An egghead

(v) 1. To confront your government teacher 2. To have a zen moment in class 3. To study politics and economics 4. To spellbind or threaten a student

(adj) 1. Showing physical, behavioral, or mental similarity with one's government teacher 2. Idiotically jocose, silly 3. Lacking hair on the armpits or pubis, shining
A:"Are you going to masterbrady tonight?"
B:"No, I'm going to do math homework instead."

A:"Did you notice Freddy was salivating in class today?"
B:"Yes, she was masterbradying."
by Freddy K. November 07, 2005
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