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Notorious user on Gamefaqs who's name spawned from a joke on masturbating.
I like to masterkate when I am alone.
by Budum1 December 02, 2006

Legendary~ A name bestowed upon very few women who've originally been named "Kate", "Katelynn", "Katelyn" and other names that have "Kate" in them.

A MasterKate has to be awesome! Strong, loyal, noble, and cunning. MasterKate also has to have a funny, perverted nature, it just goes with the name.
MasterKate can do anything! I heard she wrestled a hoard of zombie walruses and won!
by MasterKateDaily January 23, 2013
To Eat food, Eat eat eat food
Would you like to masterkate with me?
by xCOREE July 17, 2006