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a guy on this site who sucks shit 'cuz he's a sexist asshole.
by person yo-yo July 24, 2003
85 93
He makes em say Uhhhhhhhhhhh Nah na nah
"make em say uhhhhhhhhhhhh......"
by mrs yuck March 30, 2005
95 150
dope dealer, rap entrereneur, that pisses on some whiney bitches.
Master P m-m-m-make crack like diss.
by ice cream man September 22, 2003
76 191
Master Player.
Usually comes as a self-proclaimed degree.
"Yeah...I got my Master P degree from YALE."
by Diego August 14, 2003
15 136
The Best rapper alive

Master P has managed to start his own label he keeps it real and he don't hate on no1 so dont hate on him mang master p is gangsta as fucc n has recently started his own label, it takes proper talent to do that so for all you hatin on him betta giv it a rest cause peedy made it big n u aint ever gonna get that far by bein a hater!!
U heard peedys new tune

Chea g shit was hott ima hav to cop his next cd feel me

ye homie me too master ps doin big thangz n got hella skills
by Lil' Matt September 28, 2006
46 170
my favoreite rapper, and to me is the realest and too many haters out there that hate him BUT DON'T KNOW WHY, propably some ppl that listen to radio and go "G UNIT!!!!!!!" "YEH!"
Master P is so cool and so is no limit, i am behind themm all the way, i hate 50 cent and all those other famous ass rap faggets, no limit wu tang and underground rappers from new memphis rule!!!
by white June 25, 2004
68 194