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a nick-name given to the main characer of the HALO series games, master chief. It is normally used by people who either hate the game or find it to be gay. The name first appeared after the release of HALO 3.
stop jerking off to master queef and get a life.
by Fatty For Hire April 05, 2009
When a female can beat a males fart with a vagina fart also known as a Queef
Man1: (Rips one really loud) Awwwww shit that was good

Female1: (Rips one louder with a Queef) Ahhhh that was stress reliving

Male2: Dam Bitch you a Master Queef you should be in the Olympics
by Jesus and Kucaracha January 24, 2009
it is the main character in the game "Halo".
master queef shot the alien.
by duchbag95 September 15, 2009

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