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From the slums of Boston, the pimp of Beantowne, also known as G-Money, G-$, Da G Masta, or Da Muddafuckin' G.

Producer of dope hip-hop beats and tracks, soon to be all over the country blowin' up. Causing a MAJOR buzz in the city of Boston, and always keepin' shit tight.

Doesn't fuck around with nobodies, only messes with perfect tens.
Dude #1: "Shit man I went to the DOPE club last weekend... shit was off the HOOK."

Dude #2: "For real? Who was spinnin' tracks?"

Dude #1: "Masta G, fool! He was bumping CRAZY beats and had ALL his bitches with him!! Shit was TIGHT!!"

Dude #2: "Awwwww shit!!! He gonna be there this weekend?!?!"

Dude #1: "Hell yea he is!"

Dude #2: "Well can I come wit ya?"

Dude #1: "Psshhh, fuck naw, you broke ass bitch. You can't fuck wit G-Money!"
by Frankulous September 30, 2006
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