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adj; A term used to describe someone who's quite exceptional at whatever they do, regardless of what it is.
Yo! He's a Masta Blasta at Pacman! Look at him snag those little dots!
by Jin Saotome May 12, 2005
sexual term; A masta blasta or master blaster is when you have the biggest ejaculation in your your entire life. Usually happens on face but in other words, biggest load you ever had
dude 1: Dude i did a masta blasta on my girlfriend yesterday she almost drowned.

Dude 2: You have to be more careful one more like that and she will drown.

Dude 3: OH SHIT
#masta #blasta #master #blaster #big #load #ejaculation #spay #cunt #hoe
by moshi182 June 18, 2009
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