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Established in 1899 designed to torture students from grades 7-12 in the shittiest learning enviornment ever thought possible. Holds an average of 150 cadets with a guy to girl ratio 3 to 1 the girls are known as the ALPHA males as for their military company being named alpha and them all looking like a bunch of disformed males with acid poored on their face at birth. The "girls" also had to have their breasts and asses removed before entering MMA. If you do not love your children and wish for them to be mentally scarred for the rest of their lives and wish to pay 25k for this school you will find it in the middle of nowhere in woodstock virginia filled with a bunch of members of the confederacy and KKK. The head of school is a crook the staff composes of the most incompitent people in the world some teachers dont even have a degree. Most of all you sleep in a 100 year matress with stains which are questionable as to what they are and the showers dont have curtains the toilets dont have stalls and you dont want to drop the soap
1: my school sucks
2: it could be worse
2:you could go to Massanutten Military Academy (MMA)
by DBBmmasucksmaballs June 14, 2011

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