Prison(College in N.Dartmouth Mass) military based, fucking shit holl hell. 'same 4 walls, day in, day out'
'Shit, you went to M.M.A. right?'

'Yea, thats y I make 80g's a year now, but I gotta wonder if it was worth it, I almost died their, it took away my soul'
by Ray September 10, 2004
Top Definition
n. Located: Buzzard's Bay, Massachusettts. (1)Living hell; (2)people the same age as girls you dated are yelling at you; (3)where a stripper is a term used for other than a woman, and getting tapped has nothing to do with sex or kegs; (4)"Where the men are men...and the women are too!"
"Hey son, it's time to go back to MMA!"

by JRock April 21, 2005
1. One of the few places on earth where if you have a woman in your room you'll get in trouble.

2. Where fun goes to die.

3. A college where kids run away during orientation.

4. Where kids younger then you make the rules, enforce them and get you in trouble.

5. Where no matter how much of a loser you were in high school you'll have friends, the honnor guard and the band. You'll more likely then not get bars for being an asshole.

"Hey, I'm a petty officer at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy."

"what the fuck is that?"
by 4/c Kelleher haha May 16, 2006
The only college campus where you'll take one look at the female population and decide that a closely related relative is more sexually attractive.
Hey dude are there any hotties at Massachusetts Maritime Academy?

I'd rather fuck my mom
by bk baller January 17, 2011
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