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This guy is the definition of metal. He gets all the ladies and has incredible hair. He's sometimes too metal for most people. The Gods of metal bow down to him.
Who's that insanely metal guy?!

Oh him? That's just Mason
by toometalforyou April 28, 2013
2 4
Mason a boy normally with dark coloured hair and the most amazingly perfect eyes. If he likes a girl they will love him back and when you have a mason your whole life seems complete and he makes you feel like an absolute PRINCESS! Until one day he doesn't want to be with you because he is moved on and when you lose a mason your world comes crumbling down:( Masons normally go for girls that names start with a "kar" and can really pick the girl Kara as they are the most bestest girl in the whole world! Kara's are cute, sexy and fun not to mention her amazingly wowing good looks. And when you piss a Mason off well, He will come on you as if no tomorrow... You have been warned!
Girl 1 ;Wow did you see that boy?
Girl 2 ;He's a Mason all right!
by loveyou1 July 04, 2012
3 6
1) Known to like many woman at a time
2) Flirts with 2 or more girls even when he has a girlfriend
3) Dates girls that begin with the letter K
4)Is very attractive.....
Girl 1:WHAT?! He likes Anna, Kinley AND Shaye?!

Girl 2: OMG hes dating Kinley though!!

Girl 3: Oh, he must be a mason
by COUSCOUSISMYMAN December 30, 2011
7 10
Mason is incredibly insecure about the size of his penis, though he is constantly making fun of other guys' sizes, despite lack of evidence. He ridicules others about their crushes though he becomes incredibly defensive when his are brought up. Despite all these traits, Mason is a cool bro and can always find a way to have fun.
Guy 1) Dang he's such a Mason!

Guy 2) Ikr? I have an 8 incher and he called me small!
by Askadefull November 02, 2012
2 8
Big boy. Likes Bananas. Likes Spiderman. Likes girls that names start with "K" and end with "Ara". Likes Fritos, espicially the ones from his parents factory. Wears mw3 jockstraps.
Mason faps to Kara while eating a banana(Kara likes bananas). He was watching Spiderman during that period.
by Colton ISNT A RAPPER July 05, 2012
1 8
a boy that is a compulsive liar.he believes he is "gangsta".his sexuality is questionable.he is typically seen with tons of hair gel in his hair.he loves to complain and whine about EVERYTHING.
"Dude,stop being such a mason!!!"
by kArMaIsAb**** January 13, 2012
7 16
the most Beautiful, athletic, funniest girl ever. She has a laugh like a witch cackle but her looks make up for it;)
She has Pretty blonde hair that can pull off any style. she is as skinny as a stick. She always has the great inside jokes and is so awesome
dangg! that girls a mason! listen to her laugh! And i stole her LaLa
by Lauren.Kaye. April 13, 2011
6 17