A Mason is a very amazing person he is the best at everything, including: being you, being the strongest, being the most fabulous and majestic, being the best at sports, being the most attractive. He can do anything but he really likes hanging with friends and playing video games. He hates school and wishes he could sleep in all day!
Person 1: "That guy is amazing!"
Person 2 " He is definitely a Mason!"
by Ghetto Hoop star! Potato! May 04, 2015
A really niceand trust worthy person. Bestfriends name is alexis and he likes to skype. Hes a bunholio and funny.
Hah, your a mason
by Diggity giggity November 13, 2014
My amazing boyfriend, who CANNOT diddy kong smash me. A sweet guy who's superrr sexy and nice. And im pretty sure he is the craziest mofo i have ever met.
Mason: wow, that guys cool...theres no way he could diddy kong smash that chic..
by beautifulbrunette96(; August 18, 2011
rad ass bitch who likes to party and makes pop punk music. state champs r main jams. excessively eats massively amounts of peanut butter in one sitting. all about that tofu vegetarian life. will fuck your bitch right in the pussy. best nigga is kortni. fucking shit up every weekend like a straight g.

friend: hey man, what time is it?

Mason: *whips out dick* it's a little past dick thirty guys
by kortnisinkships December 08, 2014
Mason a boy normally with dark coloured hair and the most amazingly perfect eyes. If he likes a girl they will love him back and when you have a mason your whole life seems complete and he makes you feel like an absolute PRINCESS! Until one day he doesn't want to be with you because he is moved on and when you lose a mason your world comes crumbling down:( Masons normally go for girls that names start with a "kar" and can really pick the girl Kara as they are the most bestest girl in the whole world! Kara's are cute, sexy and fun not to mention her amazingly wowing good looks. And when you piss a Mason off well, He will come on you as if no tomorrow... You have been warned!
Girl 1 ;Wow did you see that boy?
Girl 2 ;He's a Mason all right!
by loveyou1 July 04, 2012
Complete jackass
Wow I hate mason.
by mason pascal March 15, 2015
Mason is incredibly insecure about the size of his penis, though he is constantly making fun of other guys' sizes, despite lack of evidence. He ridicules others about their crushes though he becomes incredibly defensive when his are brought up. Despite all these traits, Mason is a cool bro and can always find a way to have fun.
Guy 1) Dang he's such a Mason!

Guy 2) Ikr? I have an 8 incher and he called me small!
by Askadefull November 02, 2012

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