A very quiet, but cool girl. Usually with dark hair and certain eyes. She always looks mad, but in actuallity, is usually in a good mood, and only looks pissed because she is in deep thought. She'll have a decent body, and face, but she makes up for that with her wicked sense of humor. When you see her around with other guys, you'll get extremely jealous. If you ever hear a high-pitched laugh, a deep voice, or a very loud yell, you'll know it's a Mason. Voices her sexual tensions about a lot of guys, but when she likes a guy, she's the sweetest girl you'll ever have, if you ever get a Mason, dont let her go. And if she ever asks you out, you'd be a fool to say no.
"Look at that girl, she is such a Mason."

Friend "Who was that girl that talked about blowjobs in science today?"

"Oh, that was Mason, but she was just jokeing."

"Who was that guy you were talking to earlier today?"
"... Um, that was Mason, and she's a girl..."

"You're so lucky, you have the sweetest girlfriend ever."
"I know, she is such a Mason".
by Tangy bear February 27, 2012
My amazing boyfriend, who CANNOT diddy kong smash me. A sweet guy who's superrr sexy and nice. And im pretty sure he is the craziest mofo i have ever met.
Mason: wow, that guys cool...theres no way he could diddy kong smash that chic..
by beautifulbrunette96(; August 18, 2011
The most kind and considerate guy you will ever meet. He has a great sense of humor and can brighten anyone's mood instantly. He is really sensitive and will always be there for you no matter what, he will also let you rant to him and he will support you through everything. Any girl would be soooo lucky to have a Mason in their life, he is the perfect boyfriend and he will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. He is a very sporty guy, extremely good-looking and also very smart, he exceeds in everything he puts his mind to. He is the greatest guy you will ever meet and the best thing that will ever happen to you.
"geez he's hilarious."
"he's a mason."
by ladychar June 04, 2016
Mason a boy normally with dark coloured hair and the most amazingly perfect eyes. If he likes a girl they will love him back and when you have a mason your whole life seems complete and he makes you feel like an absolute PRINCESS! Until one day he doesn't want to be with you because he is moved on and when you lose a mason your world comes crumbling down:( Masons normally go for girls that names start with a "kar" and can really pick the girl Kara as they are the most bestest girl in the whole world! Kara's are cute, sexy and fun not to mention her amazingly wowing good looks. And when you piss a Mason off well, He will come on you as if no tomorrow... You have been warned!
Girl 1 ;Wow did you see that boy?
Girl 2 ;He's a Mason all right!
by loveyou1 July 04, 2012
Accidentally cutting yourself
My friend masoned himself when he scratched himself now he's bleeding
by theuser June 11, 2014
Best person you could possibly know. He's insane to hang around and always has ways of cheering you up. Best person to have a bromance with.
Mason is insane! He snorted fun dip the other day!
by SnowUltran May 26, 2016
A incredibly awesome boy.
A great clarinet player. He's always getting the hottest girls and he is very popular. Once you see him you'll go insane. Sweet and kind but with a temper.
Girl one: OMG look at mason he's so cute!
Boy: I know he's my best friend he's awesome
Girl: I know he'll never notice me!
by Lexthebandgeek August 16, 2016
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