Top Definition
1) A group of mashead.
2) Members of
3) Collective name of the clan mash.
1) Here come the masheads out of their head.
2) I luv being in masheads!
3) We got owned by mash.
by Babylon Whore January 04, 2008
1) Some one who regular engages in mind or behavioural altering pursuits, such as drugs and alcohol.
2) A member of the online gaming community, which seem to be quite good at being masheads themselves.
3) A more concise modified version of mash heads.
4) Origin of the phrase yac.
1) I hear babylon is a bit of a mashead, he drank 8 cans of stella last night!
2) Babylon is the leader of Masheads, and he often is just that as well.
by Babylon Whore January 04, 2008

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