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Masculating, (mass-cue-lating)

The act of strutting one's stuff online.

An overt display of masculinity generally performed by males to attract females in a chat room.

Very simular to apes beating on their chest to display their Might and draw attention to themselves, but generally done in text.

An online form of male masturbation.
"if he doesn't quit masculating himself, we're going to have to get our boots on, it's getting pretty deep"
"Oh yeah, I can run faster then that!"
"I have the fastest car"
"I can kick his ass"
"I can have sex all night without stopping"
"yes ma 'am, when it comes to size down there, I've made pony's blush" and so on..
#masculate #masculation #masturbate #masculine #boasting #bragging #masculinity #strutting
by DjDave71 March 04, 2008
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