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To cheerfully say hi to a person you know very well, only to have that person completely ignore you and ruin your entire day. Also may cause severe depression when done correctly.
Person 1: Hi! How's it going?
Person 2: *turns around and walks away*
Person 3: Oh my god dude you just got severely maryed
by Im from SPARTAAAA! January 11, 2011
When a piece of technology suddenly stops working for no apparent reason, no-one 'touched it' or 'fiddled' with it, it just stopped working 'all on it's own'!
Techie: What happened here then?
Customer: I don't know it just stopped working
Techie: Did you click on blah blah?
Customer: I didn't click on anything
Techie: (to other techie) it's been Maryed!
by Total Paranoia July 13, 2011
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