another term for a Vagina
"Oooh my mary ellen isn't half itchy guys"

"He well wants a bit of me mary ellen!"
by bollockingtwatnob April 21, 2009
Top Definition
Usually an pretty amazing person. She is gorgeous and loves to make people laugh. Any guy would be lucky to have her. Although she can be really strange, she is always kind to everyone. She takes other peoples feelings into consideration and is a really good person. MaryEllen can easily make any stranger smile. :)
MaryEllen, you are extremely amazing. :)<3
by TDunn123456789 March 29, 2010
Has an AWESOME sexy dance. Oom chicka oom.
Mary Ellen, stop doing the sexy dance, we're in the middle of Target.
by Littlelungs33 February 03, 2010
1.) An action done by humping your bike in midair; pumping and giving more humps gives it more style.

2.) A word used to be compared to a MILFs hotness.

3.)Zachs Mom.
1a.) That Mary Ellen he did off the box jump was huge, it also looked better since he humped it forever!

2b.) Damn, that MILF is almost Mary Ellen material.

3c.) Good morning, Mary Ellen.
by Its_still_oN January 31, 2011
Is pushed to work towards her passions just so that Zach can see her succeed more and also to try to one up him. Loves the language of French. She had already loved the language of French. Zach also loves French. Doesn't stress under pressure. Is a fabulous and very very loud cheer leader. Loves school with a passion. Is also a gymnast. Loves music. Hates breaking up with guys, but hates being broken up with even more. It always getting perfect grades in Math and French. Wants desperately to go to an amazing college to study Math. Loves reading and excels greatly academically. Has an amazing boyfriend who would kill a person who looked at her. Her favorite word is gigidy. Most people don't know what it means because every time somebody says or does something that makes her say gigidy she's laughing to hard. Can be very romantic and dirty at the same time. Loves people even though she prefers to be alone. Favors heals and skinny jeans over sweat and comfy Adidas track shoes. Is a superb kisser, but also loves to cuddle at times. Will stay up super late just to talk to you. Loves to be warm, so therefore despises the cold and winter months. Doesn't have perfect eyes, but doesn't fancy wearing her glasses and often forgets them. Can usually be either straight or bisexual. Has an extended vocabulary, more extended than most peoples' her age and older. Knows how to deal with teenage drama, especially with her friends. Is an amazing singer, and loves writing her own songs.
She's perfect.
I love her.
She's mine.
I wanna bang with her and Emily.
Her French test scores are impeccable.
Je t'aime.
Of course she's a cheerleader.
Cheer leader and a gymnast. Oh. My. God. I wonder if she's knows what sexy math is?
Maryellen sure knows how to use her tongue.
by Zachs Girlfriend<3 January 11, 2014
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