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An original character (fem.) in fanfic or an original story, usually on the internet, who is far superior to all other characters. She is typically beautiful, intelligent, kind, and in all other ways "perfect". She usually serves as an important part in a pivotal plot element (ie: a prophecy) and becomes romantically involved with the author's favourite character in the story. The internet fiction world runs rampant with these characters.
dracosluvur: My character's name is Alienne Raven Jewel Sassandra Moonflower Romance Shimmer Honeybeam, she came to Hogwarts after being separated from her family in the U.S. and sold into illegal slavery in Japan, she's fluent in both languages and is part Fae. She has snow-white skin, black hair and sparkling eyes that change colour. She's tall, thin and busty, she fills in as the Charms professor sometimes and doesn't really have a house because she's just that unsortable so she has her own luxury room in one of the towers. Almost the entire male population adores her, staff and students, and she gets perfect marks and it figures that she is the one who actually kills voldemort.


by SatiricalBanshee February 26, 2008
A Mary Sue or Gary Stu (male form) is often either a perfect or almost perfect character. They often appear in fan fictions and are sometimes based on the author themselves.

If the Mary Sue or Gary Stu is based on the author, they normally have qualities that the author wishes they had.
For example, they wish to be more popular or better looking.

When a Mary Sue or Gary Stu is written into a fan fiction, it will often cause canon (original) characters to become OOC (out of character). They often have terrible, grief-filled pasts and 'need' a certain canon character to understand them or they have a past that is the exact same or very similar to a canon character's.

Mary Sues and Gary Stus are mostly found in new writers or written in fan fictions by more exprerienced writers for fun.

They also tend to have either very common or extremely strange and exotic names or, if they are made for fun, will sometimes have the name Mary Sue or Gary Stu.
Mary Sue had a horribly tragic past.
When she was only a baby, her parents had been murdered by Voldemort because they had been trying to protect her.

However, when Voldemort tried to kill her it backfired and left her with only a scar.
by ManamixChan December 28, 2009
Plural. See Mary-Sue
The story had three Mary-Sues, all of which were obnoxious in their urple "glory".
by nscangal August 27, 2005
A female character that is annoying because she is too perfect.
Usually used in RPGs and stories
(RPG) Stop being a Mary-Sue... you have like 102384028 powers already O.o
by ~Shinku~ December 31, 2009
A gorgeous, athletic, talented and intelligent girl who has every man on earth chasing after her. Even though she is beautiful, she will deny this. Almost always on the good side. If not, she's that overpowered hottie on the other side. Unusually attractive, and is related or in a relationship with any Canon character.
So perfect that it's very annoying.

Used most commonly in RPGs, Fan Fictions etc etc.

Her male counterpart is Gary-Stu or Marty-Stu.

WARNING If you character is named Mary Sue but does not have these traits, the name does not exactly matter. It is okay to give you character the name, Mary Sue.
Fan-fiction writer:
Her name is Celestia Destiny Raven Violet Shimmer Moondancer. She has long raven black hair and beautiful pale skin. Her eyes are a sharp emerald but they change to a glistening red when she is mad. They change blue when she's happy too! She's very curvy and has the best taste in fashion. However she denies all of this and in such a cute, bashful way. She was such a talented witch, that the second she was born, Voldemort hissed in agony. She is sent to Hogwarts at age 6 and secretly trained by Dumbledore until she is old enough to go to Hogwarts. She then gets Draco Malfoy and half of the male population in Hogwarts to go after her. When Voldemort appears and asks her out, she refuses but shakes his out of pity. Then he turns good and we all live happily ever after. The End.

Random Guy:
by Muffins4C August 11, 2011
In fanfiction, a Mary Sue is an idealized character representing the author. A Mary Sue can appear on fanfiction and is a female character similar to a Marty-Stu and a Gary-Stu
Mary-Sue: Yay! My name is Kitsuna Fox! I am a Monster High Character who is the daughter of a fox called a Kitsune!!!!!! I have a pet badger who is hairy and friendly named Hairy! Yay! I have rainbow hair. WOOHOO!!!
Person who is not a Mary-Sue: Monster High Character? Kitsuna Fox? Seriously?
Mary-Sue: Yeah, seriously!!!!
Person who is not a Mary-Sue: Is that true? Kitsuna, you are about to die.
by TheAnimeLover1 June 28, 2013