Mary Kate's are usually beautiful and completely selfless. They are lighthearted but determined, strong, and independent. Mary Kate's are very friendly but can be intimidating because they are so independent. Mary Kate's are usually worldly and wise beyond their years. They have old souls but know how to party and can fit into the different aspects of modern day life. Also, they are physically beautiful and super sexy!

They are very trustworthy and reliable. They put others first always sometimes to the point of forgetting about their own feelings. They have sacrificed a lot but are thankful for all they have. Usually brunettes.
Guy: Who's that brunette over there?
Girl: Oh, her? That's Mary Kate!
Guy: Wow, she's beautiful!
Girl: She only dates foreign men, sorry. And we're best friends so you can't have her.
Guy: You've never even talked to her before.
Girl: I know, but just look at her! She's so radiant, I feel like I know her!
by Roseandrise June 22, 2013
An amazing girl. She's funny and smart, and all around an cool person. She isn't a bitch, but she will make sure that you understand her thoughts on a specific subject. She's athletic, artistic, and a great person to be-friend. I know I'll never want to lose the Mary Kate in my life.
Guy 1: Hey Mary Kate. What's up?

Mary Kate: Not much. I just finished my newest sketch, and now I'm headed to speech and debate.
by Aggressive_ace November 29, 2012
(1) A resident of Room 453
(2) a person who has a fear of people touching his/her kneecaps "respect the fear"
(3) an individual who must sleep with his/her "night night" (blankie/rag)
(4) a kicker for excitment
(5) an individual who's favorite vocabulary word is "bitch" and "keilbasa" pronounced kil*bahss*a
(6) A club lovin', jello shot makin', cleavage showin', volleyball rockin', country boppin', rain boot wearin', tums takin', clementine eatin', scrapbook makin', hair cuttin', foot puncturin', "qucik-in-the-sack" hooligan
(7) someone who might as well be the next Dr. Phil and should write a book on "How to Solve All Problems"
(8) a person who steps on a rake in a fit of drunken glee
"HA, you just pulled a MaryKate!"
by Severus Snape, Ph.D December 11, 2007
a loud talkitive overly dramatic sister that never shuts up ever
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
To vomit, either intentionally or not, during or after a meal. To marykate is to negate any nutritional value of your meal by removing it immediately upon ingestion.
Oh my god, those bacon-maple donuts were so good that I had to marykate after the first dozen so I could have 3 more!
by j33pfifty May 22, 2008
a girl i am in love with even though i'm a straight girl.

mary-kate olsen is the prettiest girl alive.
"that girl is a mary-kate"
by Lindsay March 23, 2005
an action verb meaning "to vomit"
While I was sitting on my couch, I ate a 3 day-old moldy hot dog and immediately mary-kated all over the coffee table.
by Justin Koehler February 16, 2005
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