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A woman or girl that is full of faith, love and patience. A person that wears her heart on her sleeve to help others, even at a cost to herself. Mary Anne is someone who has gone through hardship, disappointment and loss but still sees positivity in her life. But dont confuse her with being too soft. She is strong enough to overcome abuse, loss and bad choices with dignity. Mary Anne is a good friend, sister, mother and daughter.

Mary Anne is good with children and is a people person. Likes being with others. Is funny and likes to make jokes. Even finds humor in herself.
Person in line " Sorry I forgot my wallet in the car"
Mary Anne " Don't worry about it, here is $5"

Friend "I am in a bind. I can't fiind a sitter"
Mary Anne " No problem I can help"
by alkajoha February 02, 2010
a kind-hearted and loving person. Will always try to help others. A beautiful, smart, outgoing, caring, awesome, lovely and so much more, we're lucky to know a girl like this!!!:)
B: Who's that new girl over there?
G: Ooo...her name is Maryanne, why?
B: She is so nice and sweet!
G: I know she is!
by iknowimweirdbutuluvmeanyway May 08, 2010
She is the cute girl with dark hair and brown eyes. She will always have your back, she's loyal and trustworthy. She may be stupid and accident prone, but she is very loveable. She rarely cries and bottles up her emotions. They usually have a tough life that people never even consider her going through. She's fun to hang around with, yet usually denies the use of drugs/alcohol. She is very responsible. She will always put a smile on your face because she is very funny and humorus. She is usually very talented in music or anything sports like. This name is rare, and so is she. If you know a Maryanne, hold on to her and never let her go. She is easy to fall in love with.
I need Maryanne to brighten up my day.
by Mexicanbeandip December 24, 2012
a. noun) person who is very strong and extremly shy. She loves to hurt people, hate her mom and hit her sister.

b.verb) to hit someone with your big butt

a.) Jim: Did you see Maryanne yesterday?
Bob: Yeah, she was beating her sister up.

by germanfreak March 03, 2009
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