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Arabic name given to a man of strong will and determination. Tough and rough on the outside and soft and gentle on the inside.
Stubborn and hard as a solid rock. Good for big level stuff and hard to cope with sitiations. Very challenging and tricky when it comes to human realtions and emotions. On the outside stone cold. Inside hot and fiery. Solid, grounded and strong. Stubborn and aggressive and volatile when provoked.
by gadolio February 07, 2010
In middle eastern countries, he who possesses the biggest cock possesses the name Marwan. There are only two Marwans in this world. One in Montreal and one in Hell... banished there because of his smaller ding dong.
Priest : I now pronounce you Marwan, beholder of the biggest cock.


Other Marwan : NooooOOOOo, Whyyy is it so huuuuuugeeeee. me so smaaaaaaalll
by natalia_drlinka March 20, 2009
A real man, strong intelligent and handsome but doesn't see a good woman when he has one, instead he chooses the wrong one and loses out on something special.
open your eyes Marwan
by green garden October 06, 2011
Someone who would steal from his family without remorse.
That Marwan cared more about his inheritance than for his family. Chiefly used in the Middle East. Originated in Basra, Iraq circa 1200 A.D. Typically in reference to a citizen of Basra Basrawi who stole from his family for personal gain rather than work for his honest share.
by Peace Now June 11, 2011
(verb.) to go forth with little or no direction.

(syn.) embark
after the bar closed, Sally marwanned into the night.
by testicleze December 03, 2008

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