A powerful strain of cannabis. After one hit, users are inclined to say "What's goin' on?"
This is called Trainwreck, and it is classified as Marvin Gaye weed.
by Samsara August 26, 2008
Top Definition
Weed that's so strong that, after one hit, you're like "what's goin' on?"
Damn, this shit is some Marvin Gaye weed. Have you ever seen a snow-covered mountain during the sunset on a crystal-clear winter's day, all golden and fiery in the last dying rays of the sun, and noticed how even the shadows glowed with all of the purple and indigo notes of the evening sky?
by The World III September 30, 2008
1. Weed that is so strong that once one hits it, he or she will ask others "What's going on?"
I smoked some Marvin Gaye Weed and then ate all the wheat-thins in my house.

Marvin Gaye Weed made me forget.... something

Fuck, I'm high.....
by Aimless Prophet September 05, 2008
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