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To suffer from extreme hunger.

From the English word starved.
I have not had anything to eat since yesterday! I'm so Marved!
by Chibs May 25, 2005
The state which follows excessive alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation and minimal food and drink. So-called as it incorporates the word 'starved,' and references popular 90's film 'Home Alone;'
Derivative of the character 'Marv,' - (one of the antagonists of the film) whose physical appearance steadily deteriorates throughout the course of the film when he falls into booby traps and suffers excessive physical trauma.
Similarities between one's physical appearance following drunkeness, and 'Home Alone' character 'Marv' include sunken eyes, messy hair, rugged beard and in some cases redness around the face. Also a definitive variation of the word 'hanging' (the condition whilst currently suffering a 'hangover')
He got obliterated last night and now he's absolutely marved.
by 70lirarob July 17, 2009
Another word for angry
Mariam: I'm so marved!
Nicki: Why?
Mariam: My unicorn was being rude
by Futre rainbow dash September 10, 2013
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