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The practice of deception by hiding important evidence, information, or creating false statements to futher ones career without being caught. To knowingly undermine set professional standards to further ones career, on the back of innocent people. Useful tool of lawyers, politicans, accountants or anyone trying to get the edge over people.

An illegal and unethical act of conducting issues of trust and legal proceedings. Maybe punishable by legal remedies if caught doing it.

A tool for people in position of power, authority, or trust to conduct a form of fraudlant practices to futher ones hidden agenda.
1.The fire marshal MartyWhickered me resulting in a loss of property and Liberty.
2.After the Krispy Kreme debacle we thought we MartyWhickered the courts only to find out that the SBI Martwhickered, the Marty Whicker.
3. The NC State employee's refused the polygraph then refused to prosecute on libel and slander, they MartyWhickered today, tomorrow they have to answer to the Feds.
by igotjikes May 08, 2010
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