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While frequently thought to refer to an island in the eastern Caribbean, Martinique can also refer to that special type of lady in one's life whose kick-assedness, sexiness, and sense of humor put all other women to shame. She is a molotov cocktail of verve and elan, with just a hint of swagger. She is also reputed to be a tiger in the sack.
Man 1: You see that supersexyfly girl over there?

Man 2: She's totally Martinique.
#sexy #crazy #powerful #awesome #amazing #feminine #butch #lipstick
by Dr. Octogynecologist February 02, 2010
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Geographical location. An island in the eastern Carribbean sea which is part of France, which is part of the European Union. French is its official language, though Antillean Creole is commonly spoken as well.
I think I'll vacation in Martinique this winter, because I have a lot of disposable income and a desire to travel to exotic locations!
#island #french caribbean #lushly forested #mount pelée #not a continent
by midwestcoast February 03, 2010
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