When a male grabs the lower portion of his scrotum with both hands, pulling it out and upward towards himself, leaving his cock sticking out like a "marsupial in the pouch". Ususally for the entertaiment of others.
The dinner party ended when john pulled down his pants and did the "marsupial".
by B*rad August 10, 2007
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A mammal with a pouch to carry its newborn in their infancy. But more importantly, NOT A PANDA.
A kangaroo is a marsupial, whereas a panda is not.
by NotKarthug April 02, 2010
When a chick has a pouch, much like that of a kangaroo that sticks out and makes her less formal.
Wow that Danielle chick would be pretty hot, too bad she's a marsupial.
by Mr. Puffkinator November 07, 2007
Marsupials are small mammals that are attached to the male body and as in the animal kingdom spend most of their life in a pouch. Only jumping out to surprise people!
When i crouched down to pick something up off the floor with my shorts on, my marsupials popped out!
by Jason Houghton March 13, 2007
Me n my friend came up wit dis a few years back..its just anotha name 4 a really ugly big girl
Ewww u see her? Dat bitch is a marsupial!!
by mavric007 April 02, 2009

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