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A kiss on the lips. Can range anywhere from chaste to full on making-out. Can be used as both a noun and a verb.
Bryce: "Did you marshmallow him last night?"

Sarah: "Of course. Mike's marshmallows are amazing."
by Fallen Rose May 25, 2011
7 4
Marshmallows are the reason you buy Lucky Charms. Don't lie.
by Caitlin Star March 04, 2009
362 144
a person who is a wuss or a sissy. also one who is gullible and often described as a goody two shoes.
Example 1-
person 1: "eeww i saw you and your girlfriend kiss yesterday!"
person 2: "oh, shut up, you marshmallow."

Example 2-
person 1: "OMG that guy in the movie just chopped off that guy's head!!!"
person 2: "stop being such a marshmallow; it's just a movie."
by smiley_chica May 05, 2010
74 32
I perfect treat when at camp.
Marshmallows are going to take over the white house!
by Amish Kid July 13, 2004
119 81
fluffy sugury little squares of heaven. best fuckin candy in the world. i could eat these little fuckers all day and never get sick...

i hope i turn into one someday so i can eat myself...
If i eat too many marshmallows, maybe i'll turn into one...
by your lord and master April 01, 2005
115 99
White person - ethnic slur for a white person
Your such a marshmallow

Check out that marshmallow
by derogatorymarshmallow June 29, 2013
13 3
A soft dick. usually when after having sex one's dick become soft.
Girl: do you want to have it again.
Guy: No, sorry. I already got a marshmallow
by little boy89 October 26, 2011
16 8
the slang word for paraphimosis, or the condition of the male foreskin becoming trapped behind the knob and swelling up, giving the appearance of a marshmallow.
oi sarah gave me a hand job the other day, i looked at it after and turned out she gave me a marshmallow as well.
by marshmallow mick September 25, 2010
26 19