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A person who will bitch and complain about you being "whipped". However this persons definition of the word is skewed, and anytime an accomplice hangs out with a bitch/boy they label them whipped.

**They essense of a Marshallcrit is the irony in their relationships, in which they are completely whipped, and deny it.**

They are usually lost forever to the male population despite awkwad attempts to reintegrate.
Day 1
Marshallcit- Duuude your so whipped. if i had a girlfriend i would be in charge, i would say when were chillin, i wouldnt do shit for her, etc...
Day 2 or whatever
Person A- Yo were havin a bro sesh you said you were coming last week.
Marshallcrit- Dude my girlfriend wants to chill today i cant now. I know you dont want me to bring her but ill get her a ride somehow. i even boughta gay turquoise v-neck to make her happy. Anyways she only lets me out of my basement on wednesdays.
by ihatesevens May 05, 2011
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