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1. A Dutch name, for both boys and girls.
The typical Marlijn is of average height, likes reading, internet and porn. Marlijn has a really short attention span and is therefore practically doomed when it comes to long term relationships.

2. An Italian slang word for a pizza made of the most awesome ingrediënts you can think of. The Marlijn originates from the word Malandrin, which means smart-ass.

Person 1: 'I've been trying for áges to set Marlijn up with my friends, but she keeps losing his focus after two weeks, it's só annoying!
Person 2: 'I know what you mean, maybe she should start a relationship with her massive collection of Internet porn.

Caller: 'Can I have your most awesome pizza?'
Restaurant Owner: 'Yes, ofcourse, sir! Coming right up!'
Restaurant Owner: 'Antonio, I need three pizza's Salame, and one Marlijn pizza! And hurry it up!'
by Dr. Robert Chase September 07, 2011

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