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Marleen is a name of a very beautiful girl, at the same time sexy and serene female, who loves to love others, works to reach her goals and has dark hair, big brown eyes. And beautiful skin colour. Soft deep voice and very well mannered, can become emotional once in a while, most of the times extremely pleasant to be around, because of her sense of humor.She is beautiful at the inside and outside.
Hey dude, that Marleen drove me completely nuts, I can not stop thinking about her. She makes my heart pound and my Braulio completly duro como una rocca!
by Samantha Udi October 09, 2013
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Marleen is a girls name, some times referred to as Mark.
Marleen is pretty hard to get in touch with, but when you fake the sound of a dinosaur she's easily bonded with.
They worship garbage cans.
Also important is the grungy sound while picking op the phone.
Wow, that girl is so like Marleen, she's wearing a refuse bag.
by calibrium January 29, 2010

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