A large town just north of Toronto, Ontario where the Champions Club (a large, sports-oriented gang) runs the streets. This group of young men has recently moved on to bigger and better things, leaving Markham's streets a cold and desolate place.
The Champions Club returned for a week in the summer and Markham nearly fell apart.
by Waltoon October 31, 2005
Top Definition
The name of a suburban town just north of the city of Toronto, Canada. A really drab place where absolutely nothing happens, most of the people are ignorant, and bad drivers.
I'm from Markham, the most lamest place on earth.
by samster 123 September 02, 2005
Canadian city, north of Toronto.

The only significant thing to note is its high Asian population.
Driver: What?! How did we get in China?
Passenger: We're not in China...it's called Markham.
by Johnathon Matthews March 18, 2011
A boring ass town with nothing to do. North of Toronto, it's as boring as the time I watched Glitter on TV. Theres nothing to do. The closest thing to excitement is wasting your weekend to drop off your kids at a soccer game you know they won't win.
Person#1: "Dude, wanna waste some time?"

Person#2: "We live in Markham. Were basically wasting our time 24/7"
by Stupid-defs February 02, 2009
The name for any man who pretends to have a large penis, but instead has that of a premature Chinese 5 year old.
Doesn't he have a biggun, though? No, he's a blatant Markham.
by BigLee January 13, 2014
to lie; to deceive; to make shit up for personal eogtistical gain
"God Damm it, Tim, don't markham to me in front of my face ever fucking again!"
by Gagglegoo June 03, 2007
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