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A boring ass town with nothing to do. North of Toronto, it's as boring as the time I watched Glitter on TV. Theres nothing to do. The closest thing to excitement is wasting your weekend to drop off your kids at a soccer game you know they won't win.
Person#1: "Dude, wanna waste some time?"

Person#2: "We live in Markham. Were basically wasting our time 24/7"
by Stupid-defs February 02, 2009
def: whore/slut (who+lt= wholt)
hey, that wholt is fucking my teacher for higher marks!
by Stupid-defs January 30, 2009
def: testicles/ vagina
Whoa. That dude probably has a testigina
by Stupid-defs January 30, 2009
a person who kicks a person (or people) in the crotch (yeah, that area)
Person#1: OMG did you see _______ get kicked in the crotch?

Person#2: Yeah, what a crotch-kicker.
by Stupid-defs February 02, 2009
Made up by scientists and Al Gore to make you act like idiots, into wasting less energy and making less pollution. They also try to make people believe that the world is getting warming, all because of us.
Global warming is for greeen freaks who think they can save the world.
by Stupid-defs February 03, 2009

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