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The epitome of beauty,or an example of elegance beyond that of normal means
The way his shirt blows in the wind has a markell sight to it.
by Kell Lee Dalton February 24, 2009
an adjective or noun having to do with supremecy, or undeniable greatness; a far superior being commonly associated with myth or legend , but is real; top tier.
You are one MarKell of a guy.
by Makzmillione February 26, 2009
Someone who is african-american on the outside but actually has the personality of a Caucasian.
If he was any whiter he'd be a markell.
by DoubleAnonallthewayacross November 01, 2010
A girl that is infected with a disease known as " damn, that white girl can dance!"
"Yo, I took lessons from Markell."
"I'm proud to say...I'm with her."
by Jill Conn October 10, 2006