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The fucking asshole that assasinated John Lennon. Theres s a special place in hell for this bastard, and satan is getting the biggest pineapple redy for his ass.
I hope mark Chapman likes getting raped up the ass in jail for what he did to John Lennon
by BlackSpork April 19, 2004
The man who killed] one of the greatest men of all time: John Lennon].
Although Mark Chapman is a horrible man, John Lennon preached peace] and forgiveness], and we should respect John Lennon's wishes.
by DanDan the man March 14, 2008
The 3rd coming of the anti-christ. Murderer of John Lennon. See Fucker.
Mark Chapman should rot in hell, where he belongs.
by Gir March 20, 2005
The asshole who killed John Lennon because of the book 'A Catcher in the Rye'

Also the name of a kickass song by Mindless Self Indulgence.
"Hey, when the world's over-run with too many bands, who do we call?

by Maramasa August 08, 2008
Killed John Lennon.

Yes, let's all focus our hatred on Chapman and wish him to a (non-existant) hell. Like thats going to do anything really productive.

...Unless you want to prove the fact that you're just as much of a blood-thirsty extremist as he is.

He was insane, for fucks sake, give this "anti-christ" bullshit a rest and direct your attention to real murderers, ie. Bush, Insurance Companies, U.S. Armed Forces etc.
There is no such thing as good, no such thing as evil. If we insist to define ourselves by these terms, it can best be said that we are all both, and no one is fully either one. This is what Lennon meant.

Mark Chapman was a murderer, but he was human. Lennon too, was only human, and he is not the only person who ever died. We only mourn or care about what we "love" and understand, and not that which is different from ourselves. That's our fundamental problem as a species, and thats where American conservatism, in it's present, facist, militaristic state, takes its root.
by Drukqs2 December 12, 2009
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