Reported missing on the 8th of april 2008, 5 days later he was found dead in Paddington Station, suspected suicide because of the depression he suffered after the death of his girlfriend.
Former presenter of the tv programme smart, which many of us, grew up with and loved like hell. what a fantastic bloody man he was.
Mark Speight died, half of the people born in 1993/2 cried.
oh i'll miss your sweet sweet face.
by ah that sucks. January 09, 2010
Top Definition
Used to present a children's art program on CBBC called SMart, along with a guy called Jay something and a woman called Kirsten something. I don't know if the program is still going or not, though.
I saw him in St. John's Wood a couple of weeks ago. He's my new celebrity friend.
Mark Speight: Hello and welcome to SMart! Today blah blah blah...
by Bethany August 31, 2006
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