marissa is a very unique name, especially this spelling of it. the name marissa means 'of the sea'.. the sea is a very beautiful, mysterious place. which is the same for most girls named marissa. beautiful and very mysterious. marissa's usually have very low self esteem and do not see themselves as beautiful, but every single person, male or female, can see it very clearly. marissa's can be very moody and when they get the boy they want, can be very jealous too. crazy, possessive and kind of clingy. marissa's will do anything they can to make their boyfriend happy and are always there for absolutely anybody who needs it.

marissa's are not the thinnest things around, but this makes them even more gorgeous then all the twigs. they have actual bodies and even though their boobs don't grow much in their beginning teens, their bodies are still amazingly beautiful. marissa's are always cute, funny, beautiful, amazingly gorgeous and have the prettiest eyes and the cutest noses. their faces don't seem to have a flaw, perfect skin and some marissa's don't tan as much as other people, but their pasty white skin makes them glow that much more and makes them even more beautiful. most marissa's are born with brown hair and blue eyes. marissa's are not that attractive in their younger years, but when the ages 15-25 hit, that is when they start to blossom into the beautiful woman they were destined to be.
wow, look at marissa.. she looks so much different then she did in elementary school. she's so fucking hot now!

man, marissa is so damn beautiful.. i don't get why she doesn't see it?

my girlfriend, marissa, is so possessive of me. it doesn't feel needy or clingy, it just kinda makes me feel loved and cared for a lot.

man, i talked to that guy over there, marissa's boyfriend and she nearly ate my face, megan fox style.

i just had the greatest talk with marissa, she made me feel so much better. i'm so happy she's around for whenever i need to talk to someone.
by Kanana July 25, 2010
Verb: To comfort, or otherwise make you feel better about yourself.

Noun: Of or pertaining to Marissa. Marissa’s are usually sweet, caring, and soft-spoken. They have high morals and will always follow their hearts. Marissa's are known to be stunningly beautiful with eyes that just suck you in. Marissa's are also known to be the greatest friends in the world. To be friends with a Marissa is to be friends with near Godliness.
“Man I feel really down of late”

“Go see Marissa, she’s so amazing, I'm sure she'll make you feel better.”
by Matcauthon March 23, 2010
a really hot chick that has mad makeout skills, but doesn't put out for just anyone...isn't easy. if a marissa likes you, totally go make out with her. she'll rock your world. hot body, cute/hot face. even if she has braces or glasses, she's still damn fine.every guy wants her. super funny and likes guy jokes.
dude, that marissa chick is so cool, she totally laughed at my black guy joke...shocker!

man, i made out with marissa last night, you were right, she does not disappoint!

oh my god, marissa is just too hot, im gunna have a woody all day now!
by hotchick34 July 13, 2009
Marissa, the fucking hot ass chick that lives next door with the fuckng tight pussy. Every fucking Marissa is fucking hot, they arent when there young, but hot damn, when there in the ages 14 - forever, holy fuuckk thats hot shit right there. If you ever see a Marissa, just go up to her and start makingout and rubbing your hands all over her, you wont be disapointed. They all have fucking amazing bodies, and there awsommmmeeee as doing sexual shit
" Holy shit man, Have you ever fucked that girl over there, Shes such a fucking marissa "

" Dude, last night that Marissa chick came over and i was so fucking impressed with her skills "
by Cody Titsss December 27, 2008
A Marissa is a great best friend and is amazing and beautiful. you cant talk to her about anything and they always listen. they are great in bed and very sexy. they don't take shit from anyone. she is the most beautiful, intelligant, gorgeous, kind, amazing girl you will ever meet. i love you marissa and i always will. <333 love zac.
Marissa is my best friend
by zac whitcomb November 20, 2010
My name! What now bitches?
Marissa is so fucking awesome ;]
by Rissuh_Bby April 09, 2009
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