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1 definition by Farissa

Marissa is too beautiful and is definitely the most gorgeous type of person you will ever encounter. Marissa is by far the absolutely best type of person you will and can ever meet. She is amazing at everything she does. Of course, she can be conceited at times, but that what makes people love her. She is funny, attractive, and can give anyone wood. She is confident and very bold, doesn't take shyt from anyone and serves people their asses on a platter. Now her looks surpass that of any other bystander, people tend to drool and get real horny when looking at Marissa. Any sort of guy would be dumbass to lose out on Marissa because she is the best kinda girl you ever gonna want.
aye, i see you got a girlfriend now.
yeah sahn, i got me a Marissa!
by Farissa March 07, 2011