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Marisah is someone who is very indescriable. They are usually indescisive and like to live in the moment. She is funny, smart, and usually pretty. Marisahs' love hugs whether she is receving one or giving one. Marisahs are usually associated as flirts but are not easy. They can be scarstic and defensive at times so watch out.
Did you see that new girl? She seems like a Marisah.
by E.G_sport February 11, 2010
Usually a very smart girl and swears a lot, but makes it funny. Very pretty, and can make anyone laugh. She has really pretty eyes, and a cute smile. Usually hangs out with girls named Molly, Savannah, or Aarika. Loves to text and talk. Often gets in trouble at school for it.
Person 1: Wow! Look at her eyes.
Person 2: She must be a Marisah.
by believe_in_yourself November 19, 2009
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