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A very happy, bubbly person who laughs a lot. Usually a brunette with curly hair. A Marisa is confident and has many friends.
"She has been laughing for so long!"
"duh, shes a Marisa!"
by AlisonPatrick17 March 15, 2009
hyper and annoyingly entertaining...a girl who doesn't really care one way or another and can be very violent in random moments...a unique girl
she's such a marisa the kids she was watching begged their parents to invite her again.
by orange-crush March 29, 2009
An all-around perfect woman for you that slipped away and may have been the "one"
I wonder what would have happened if "Marisa" and I stayed together?
by unphukwitable February 19, 2010
1.A goddess with rich brown hair and gorgeous eyes who loves to smile.

2.She can take your breathe away the first time you meet her and will make you want to get to know her more
3.when she stands up, the guys behind her are hypnotized, but is never cognizant of it
4.The kind of girl that will cuddle during a movie but during the day will be the perfect person to watch football with that your friends are in love with

5.The girl that has guy friends that want to be more than friends, but don't tell her because they don't want to ruin their friendship
6. Quirky and weird but in a way that you can't help but love her for it and is funny as heck
7.The girl that you let slip away, but afterward you realized it was probably the dumbest things you could have done because she was once your world, but now is in someone else's.
1b. You have beautiful Marisa features.
2b. Man that girl is a Marisa. I need to know more about her!
3b. I hope she Marisa's again. I need to see that ass again!!
4b. Jake's girlfriend is a total Marisa! I need to find a girl like that!
5b. I am in love with her but telling her would just be bad; she is a Marisa, and I don't want to mess up our friendship
6b. She is so Marisa that you can't help but laugh when you are around her
7b. Man, I really messed up. I didn't realize it, but she was my everything! she was a Marisa and I just let her walk away.
by a-licks January 08, 2012
A fun bubbly (random...) person who is the AWESOMEST! Shes a little bit crazy and violent. She doesnt pay attenion too much. A loyal friend with lots to give.
a) Look at that random person walking down the street!
b) That girl looks like a Marisa!
by ArandomPersonWhodoYouThink? August 31, 2010
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