Exotic beauty with sex on the brain 24/7, hot tempered, quick witted, and both sexually aggressive and submissive
That girl was a beast in the sack, i still can't walk straight, she's such a Marisa
by the_sexy_bella February 03, 2010
A nice funny caring girl who loves to laugh. Usually a brunette with curly hair. Can be violent at times. Very sensitive but can also be a badass. Also has a huge ass.
Damn that girl has got be a Marisa!
by User373628 December 02, 2011
She is a funny, sweet, intelligent girl with long dark hair, dark eyes, and a warm aesthetically pleasing smile. She is interesting and attracts love to here like a magnet. She is down to Earth and kind, and will lend a helping hand to those in need. She laughs more than the average person and has a lot of heart. she is sensual, sexy and is not afraid of her own self-confidence.
Do you see that woman beaming with grace and beauty? She is of course a Marisa
by Honeysuckle February 13, 2012
a very smart, beautiful woman. usually brunette; hilarious but shy at times; always up for a challenge and adventure; see's the best in people and always gives them the benefit of the doubt; very trustworthy and loyal; definitely someone you keep around for the long haul; wifey material; sexy; never a dull moment
You're dating a marisa???? Damn she's a keeper.
by jessejul1254 February 04, 2014
A Marisa is a very confident, hard working, and independent person. A Marisa tends to be very intelligent and sets high goals and standards for herself. A Marisa is also a very caring and down to earth person, she always has an extra hand to help out a friend. Not only is she very caring, she can also be very outgoing and...hyper. Sometimes she can do random (appropriate) things that make people laugh and wonder what goes on in her head. She always has a lot of positive energy that she spreads to others around her. She always knows how to brighten someone's day. Overall, A Marisa is a very respectable person.
A Marisa is such a Marisa, there is no way to completely describe her, so Marisa is now both a noun and an adjective.
by Marisaa3 January 05, 2015
A "Marisa" is a girl usually with dark curly hair and brown eyes. Has great body, big boobs, and regular sized ass. Is typically really funny, happy,sweet, and very intelligent person. Usually doesn't care what others think.
"She has such curly hair she must be a Marisa"
"That Marisa girl has GIANT BOOBS"
"She's so sweet she must be a Marisa"
by Whoisyou? May 01, 2012
Marisa is a hot sexy bitch who loves to party and has so many friends it is ridiculous. The ones with blondish-brown hair and brown eyes are the best. Also the ones from Italy...oh hot damn. Also a man-magnet...
she must be Marisa...
by lalagirl444 May 14, 2011
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