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A fun bubbly (random...) person who is the AWESOMEST! Shes a little bit crazy and violent. She doesnt pay attenion too much. A loyal friend with lots to give.
a) Look at that random person walking down the street!
b) That girl looks like a Marisa!
by ArandomPersonWhodoYouThink? August 31, 2010
1)one who parties like its their job
2)one who looks like a malibu barbie doll for half the year
3)another word for sexual intercourse
4)the art of not giving a shit about anything or anyone
1) "Girl, how many shots of vodka did you have this week?! You have been non-stop! All I know is you are one hell of a marisa."
2)" Wow, I better find a Ken doll quick for this marisa over here."
3) No one at the party was able to use the downstairs bedroom last night because a couple was having marisa.
4)Steve: "You know what?" Doug: "What?" Steve: "I think the fact that you marisa is what makes us such good friends."
by fflav April 22, 2008
Exotic beauty with sex on the brain 24/7, hot tempered, quick witted, and both sexually aggressive and submissive
That girl was a beast in the sack, i still can't walk straight, she's such a Marisa
by the_sexy_bella February 03, 2010
A nice funny caring girl who loves to laugh. Usually a brunette with curly hair. Can be violent at times. Very sensitive but can also be a badass. Also has a huge ass.
Damn that girl has got be a Marisa!
by User373628 December 02, 2011
She is a funny, sweet, intelligent girl with long dark hair, dark eyes, and a warm aesthetically pleasing smile. She is interesting and attracts love to here like a magnet. She is down to Earth and kind, and will lend a helping hand to those in need. She laughs more than the average person and has a lot of heart. she is sensual, sexy and is not afraid of her own self-confidence.
Do you see that woman beaming with grace and beauty? She is of course a Marisa
by Honeysuckle February 13, 2012
Marisa is a hot sexy bitch who loves to party and has so many friends it is ridiculous. The ones with blondish-brown hair and brown eyes are the best. Also the ones from Italy...oh hot damn. Also a man-magnet...
she must be Marisa...
by lalagirl444 May 14, 2011
A "Marisa" is a girl usually with dark curly hair and brown eyes. Has great body, big boobs, and regular sized ass. Is typically really funny, happy,sweet, and very intelligent person. Usually doesn't care what others think.
"She has such curly hair she must be a Marisa"
"That Marisa girl has GIANT BOOBS"
"She's so sweet she must be a Marisa"
by Whoisyou? May 01, 2012