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1.) The best homie a homie could ask for.
2.) Alternative spellings Marine and Marina are much lamer than the cooler version Marineh.
Person 1: Who's that beautiful, kind, not to mention smart, girl?
Person 2: Oh, her? That's Marineh of course!
by homie123 November 17, 2008
The name of a beautiful Armenian goddess.
The name is Armenian for Marie.
Usually a redhead, with a pale-ish, soft skin tone, and freckles, and jade green eyes to add to the natural beauty.
She can brighten up anyone's day with just a single stare and smile.
The type of girl you would do anything to be with.
guy1; dude, did you see that redhead at the party last night?
guy2; the one with the green eyes and freckles? yeah, her name's Marineh
guy1; my god dude, what a sight! i would do anything to be with that girl.
guy2; i know, Marineh was the life of the party, if she didn't have a boyfriend already, i'd ask her out in a heartbeat.
by curoark August 16, 2011
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