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Everybody needs them a Mariem. She can dress better than anybody! Her swag blows minds. Shes perfect. She does not take peoples shit and will kill for the people she loves. She is always smiling and enjoys being around people, she is a girl with a stunning hourglass figure that girls would kill for, she has soft caramel skin and shes unbelievable cute and easy to talk to. She has the most amazing legs. She is the girl that has a good heart and would not hurt a fly. Shes sometimes insecure and needs to be reminded how incredibly amazing she is.. Shes a wifey type! The typical girl next door, she is extremely shy at first but when you get to know her she is a fun bubbly person who trys to see everything in a positive light. Shes a smart girl.
Wow.. Mariem is actually perfect.
by Gyal'Lyke Browniiie February 05, 2012

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