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An inspiring young woman full of vim and vigour. Well liked and full of personality.
Her presentation was amazing, so like Marie-Claire.
by Demonicslayer February 12, 2010
A Marie-Claire is the definition of perfect; she enjoys being in fresh air and is fun loving and very sweet
'Woah, look at the girl over there'
she must be a Marie-Claire


'who is that flexible beast'

'thats most definitely a Marie-Claire
by Arnold and Egbert April 26, 2013
Monthly magazine mainly read by women in their 20's and 30's focusing on fashion, beauty, current events, career and relationship advice, and pop culture. Considered to be a magazine for classy women as opposed to Cosmopolitan. Edited by controversial Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and the magazine Project Runway winners win a spread in, also the theme for a season 8 Project Runway challenge.
1. Marie Claire had the most interesting article about internet stalkers last month.
2. I can't believe Marie Claire is published by the same company that puts out that rag Cosmo.
3. Gretchen Jones' jumpsuit on last season's Project Runway so did not define the Marie Claire woman.
by MadameM August 07, 2011
1. slang for an unripe banana
2. commonly used for the equivalent to virgin mary in scientology.
3. bad ass
4. small
1.what happens when you open a banana and realize its a marie claire?
2.xenu concieved a child through marie claire goodness havvvvve you ever seeen such a honest marie claire?
4.mice are so marie claire that they fit into holes between rocks.
by babykiller November 20, 2007
Generally a quite self centred person, who mostly cares about there looks than family or friends. A Marie-Claire normally complains about always having something wrong with her to get attention and sympathy from friends, even though she can give no sympathy to anyone else. Always wanting to be in the centre of attention. Also a Marie-Claire is quite a slut, she enjoys wearing revealing clothes and trying to get a boyfriend.
'girl walks by in revealing clothes and winks at the guys'
Guy 1: Dude, did you see that girl?
Guy 2: Yeah, she must be a Marie-Claire.
by ..............……........... December 11, 2011
1. Describes a small troll like creature, ie. Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.
2. The person with this name will usually have blonde hair and big ears. Monkey like. 3. Couldn't dictate a following from an ass rape...
Those Marie-Claire's hiding their ugly heads under bridges and what not...
by Ruler of Azkabah January 29, 2009
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