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Mariancely's and Nahima's are usually best friends.. probably because they have equally weird names. Anyway, Mariancely is a loud Dominican who has a familiar face- like you've known her since you were like five years old or something. She's definitely got an attitude, but you know that deep down she's a sweet person, so you just laugh naturally when she insults you. Only a Mariancely could get away with insults. Like her best friend Nahima, she's a phenomenal dancer- but with a weird style. Mariancely's are renowned for having obsessive seizure-like elbow movements during the bachata, and Shakira-like hip movements during the merengue.
Girl 1: Mariancely just insulted me again.. -____-
Girl 2: Aww, she doesn't mean it, that girl is so sweet :D
Girl 3: OMG yes, that girl is like my biffle and I barely even know her.
Girls 4-229: TOTALLY!
by not thecrazybeen November 18, 2010
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