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A vocal-rock quartet from Vancouver, Canada.
Wow, the Marianas Trench concert was amazing!
by MonarchButrfly November 02, 2006
The best band ever. From the city of Vancouver B.C these 4 amazing guys formed in 2001 and released there first album 'Fix Me' October 3 2006. With hits such as Shake Tramp, Decided To Break It, and Say Anything. The Band then released there second album 'Masterpiece Theatre' on February 24 2009. With hits such as Cross My Heart, All To Myself, Beside You, Good To You, and Celebrity Status. This band is becoming very popular very fast. With Josh Ramsay on vocals, Matt Webb on guitar, Ian Casselman on drums Mike Ayley on bass, these boys definitely deserve a listen!
"Have you heard of Marianas Trench?"
"You mean like Josh Matt Mike and Ian Marianas Trench?"
"They are so zany and are full of shenanigans"
by XxLoverDearestxX December 20, 2010
Four man rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Famous for such songs as Shake Tramp, Fix Me and Say Anything. Gaining a lot of popularity due to punchy guitar riffs and melodic vocal sounds and infamy due to the risque lyrics to Shake Tramp.
Hey did you check out that new video of Shake Tramp with the uncensored lyrics on Youtube by Marianas Trench?
by adelews August 13, 2007
A badass song sung by the awesome metalcore band, August Burns Red. They are guaranteed to play it at any concert they go to.
That song "Marianas Trench" that August Burns Red played was freakin' gnarly!
by Bored in Arch.Design May 07, 2010