Only the people who are into the band MARIANAS TRENCH purely for their look spell the band name like this (Mariana's Trench. This is how Trench Wenches know if the person is a true fan or not.

NEVER spell the name with an apostrophe, it's wrong and you will hear about.

However if you're wondering who this band is, it's a pop-punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia. They are one of few band where all 4 members actually sing. So not only Josh, the lead singer, but Ian, Matt and Mike also sing (the drummer, lead guitarist and bassist). Their songs have catchy lyrics but also have a deeper meaning to them. They are amazing live, some say they sound better live then when recorded, which is rare for bands today.

The members: Mike Ayley, Matt Webb, Ian Casselman and Josh Ramsay

Trench Wench: Bitch please, that's not even how you spell the name, and do you even know the other three members? You only know Cross My Heart and Shake Tramp..... that's lovely...
by TrueTrenchWench February 24, 2011
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The deepest known location in Earth's crust located on the bottom of the Pacific ocean. A pervibial bottomless pit, if you will.
Gosh! Bill's pockets are a virtual Marianas Trench!
by Ben Kapitan May 14, 2006
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A New band that is very good, with such songs as Decided to break it, Shaketramp,and fix me
I like the new band Mariana's trench
by JaredFatterson May 20, 2007
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The deepest part of a girls pussy
Dude I think I just hit the Mariana's trench

Dude no ones been that deep before.
by ronnie76games@gmail.com December 20, 2016
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A badass song sung by the awesome metalcore band, August Burns Red. They are guaranteed to play it at any concert they go to.
That song "Marianas Trench" that August Burns Red played was freakin' gnarly!
by Bored in Arch.Design May 07, 2010
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Marianas Trench is a Pop-Punk, Pop-Rock Pop (Newer Music), Emo (Older Music) band from Vancouver B.C, Canada. They first formed in 2001, but released their first song Say Anything on October 3rd, 2006. They currently have 4 studio albums out. Fix Me (2006), Masterpiece Theatre (2009), Ever After (2011), and Astoria (2015). In early 2015, they released an E.P album (Something Old, Something New) that consists of songs such as Here's to the Zeros and Pop 101. The other two songs (Primetime and Sicker Things) are by the band Ramsay Fiction, Lead Singer and Guitarist's former band. The band consists of, Josh Ramsay (Lead Vocals), Matt Webb (Guitarist, Back Up Vocals), Ian Casselman (Percussion, Back Up Vocals), and Mike Ayley (Bass, Back Up Vocals). They are currently in Europe on tour. November come, they will go on a Canadian tour. (Which, I am very excited for.)
Friend: "Hey, do you have any new music to listen to? I'm very bored and have nothing currently to do."
Me: "Yeah, I can lend you an earbud... Oh, but all I have is Marianas Trench."
Friend: "Oh okay, I'll just go stand over here and read a book"
Me: *Tear*
by ilikebandsandshit October 12, 2016
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