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A super awesome Canadian techno/ house producer. Created tracks such as "some chords" and "ghosts n stuff". Uses a mau5head as his emblem.

Pronounced "dead mouse", not "dead mau five"
Deadmau5 is awesome!
by Bojojo June 15, 2011
A severely large butt crack. Usually created when u have to take a shit way to many times a day.
Have you seen his Mariana trench?!?
by Bojojo June 18, 2011
Short for "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs".
Wanna watch CWACOM?
by Bojojo June 18, 2011
When your balls expand from absorbing too much water from sitting in the bath too long.
I was taking a bath, and I mustve dozed off, because when I looked down, I had ballast tanks.
by Bojojo June 16, 2011
1. Spanish for "yes".

2. Abbreviation for "suck it!"

3. Abreviatiin for "self injury"
Wy don't u si!
by Bojojo July 03, 2011

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